Thomas Gumede bonds with his son in recent post, left fans wowd.

You don’t have to own the world to be a good parent. As people we make the mistake of thinking that we need to earn millions for us to love our children. While in actual fact, our children just want love and nothing else. They are happier when we are around than anything else.

Children find us old and boring but love spending every moment with us. Thomas Gumede has grown in the industry. Him and his friend actor and television presenter Lungile Radu have always dreamed higher. The shows that they produce and direct, always leave us wanting more.





Thomas is now a proud father to Cebelihle. He shared pictures of them together revealing that he was on holiday hence they have been spending time together. He went on to tell his fans that the little man says his new show Nikiwe is his. Technically, what belongs to his father also belongs to him.