Thobile Mseleku trends for the right reasons this time around as she puts LaConco in her place

Ever since Thobile Mseleku joined the Real Housewives of Durban she has been trending for all the wrong seasons. The viewers of the show felt u mam Mseleku didn’t belong on the show, Thobile seemed she didn’t have much content and with the other women it seemed she felt inferior. Unlike on Uthando Nesthembu Thobile is very vocal and usually is the centre of attention however on RHOD it seemed like she didn’t exist.

LaConco was one of the most loved members of the show the last season, she was intentional and stood her ground. However on this season LaConco was almost the opposite of who she was on the last season. LaConco sustained a beef she has with Thobile which made her not liked much by viewers.





However on the reunion show Thobile didn’t mince her words, she became the Thobile mzansi fell inlove with. Thobile told LaConco how devilish she was and she was very correct. LaConco was two faced the entire season and kept on hiding important information about her life which makes her content on the show very dull.

Although most people have expressed that they don’t want to see Thobile the next season but she might have redeemed herself on the reunion.