This moment left us in our feels at Zola Nombona’s intimate baby shower



Actress Zola Nombona is just about ready to meet her little one and had a surprise baby shower recently to celebrate.

The Lockdown star had us deep in our feels when a series of snaps from the baby shower were shared online.

Zola was brought to tears by the surprise, and in a video posted by her sister

Unathi can be seen holding her face as she is overcome with emotion.

“The girl has been crying the whole day,” the caption to the video read.

Close friend, actress Busisiwe Mtshali, also had us balling our eyes out with her emotional speech at the baby shower.

“There was so much love and many tears of utter joy! It was overwhelmingly beautiful. What a lucky little baby to be surrounded by so much love. My friend, I’m so proud of you! You and I till the day we die wena skeem saam,” she wrote of the moment.

Zola revealed last month that she is expecting her first child, expressing her excitement through a heartfelt Zulu love letter.

“Here is my love flourishing. My world has changed and created. Your voice will be like the song I’ve longed for, and no musician in the world could ever compose.

“Your eyes will take away the fog that has been shutting down mine. Your smile will wipe away every tear. Your hand will sustain me forever. You gave me strength I never knew I had.”