“This man will be the downfall of your career” Mzansi warns Bucy Radebe about her husband

Mzansi is not happy about what Bucy Radebe and her husband has done to Rebecca Malope. They quickly try to warn Bucy Radebe about her husband that if she is not being careful, her husband will be responsible for the downfall of her career.

She loves him and it will be difficult to listen to people she doesn’t know. As a woman that she is Bucy Radebe should tell her husband to do what is right to Rebecca Malope. Her husband should respect women and treat them well.




Bucy Radebe is famously known as a gospel singer and she is being managed by her husband. Bucy has worked hard to be where she is right now, but they should both do what is right to restore peace with Rebecca Malope.

The treatment that Rebecca Malope received from him was not acceptable. It will remain as one of the bad highlights to her career. Bucy Radebe should not be comfortable about what her husband does to her career.