“This judge must not come back” Mzansi is not happy with Thembi’s job on IdolsSA

They say she is a bad judge

Only social media, Thembi is currently trending because of the way she copies her her fellow judge’s comments based on the performance of the contestants. They want her to be creative and unique. They she must not come back because she keeps on getting worse every week.



Thembi Seete was appointed earlier this year as a new female judge on IdolsSA. I believe that they appointed her as a new judge because of her experience in the music industry, but it has been many years since she released a song or an album since her Boom Shaka days.

None of the viewers of this show relates to what she is saying to the contestants. They want her to remain as an actress because her judging skill is very bad. They say she is only there to serve looks and not helping the contestants to be better musicians.

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