” This judge must not come back” fans are not happy with Thembi Seete’s job on #IdolsSA

They say she is a terrible adjudicator

Just virtual entertainment, Thembi is at present moving a direct result of the manner in which she duplicates her kindred appointed authority’s remarks in light of the exhibition of the candidates. They maintain that she should be innovative and one of a kind. They she should not return since she continues to deteriorate consistently.



Thembi Seete was named recently as another female adjudicator on IdolsSA. I accept that they delegated her as another adjudicator as a result of her involvement with the music business, however it has been numerous years since she delivered a melody or a collection since her Blast Shaka days.

None of the watchers of this show connects with what she is expressing to the challengers. They believe she should stay as an entertainer since her making a decision about expertise is extremely terrible. They say she is just there to serve looks and not assisting the challengers with being better performers.

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