” This Is Wrong ” – FANS Surprise As One Of King Monada’s Wife Is Mistaken As His Mother

It is said that where you come from does not determine your future, and a lot of young South Africans have proven the saying to be true. From entrepreneurs to heading successful companies, many South African citizens are turning their lives around, leaving a legacy for their children and future generations.

Proud moments never cease for Limpopo’s finest musicians. Many of them have bought expensive cars, bought properties, and have built themselves beautiful houses.

During the weekend, Limpopo-born South African artist King Monada had a housewarming at his beautiful mansion at Tzaneen, which he recently finished building. Joined by well-known celebrities, his two wives, friends, and family, some well-known artists and upcoming artists were performing to showcase their talent.

While many of Monada’s fans have been congratulating him and celebrating his achievements, honoring him for loving his wives equally, some were wondering how Monada can handle two women and still have a successful career.

Others, on the other hand, have mistaken one of his wives as his mother, which has angered many people, citing that she is being body-shamed because of the size of her body.

The situation quickly went south, with many people bringing looks into the argument. They say that being light on complexion does not mean one is more beautiful than someone with a darker tone. They added that the culture of bullying others should end, especially after what has happened two some South African celebrities who died by suicide following cyberbullying.

It is not easy for some people to gain confidence because of their looks. Whether they are thin, big-boned, or have features that they are not comfortable with, many people continue to look down on themselves because of what others continue to say about them.

King Monada And His Two Wives

The size of people’s waists has nothing to do with their worth. Allow people to be comfortable in their skins. No one’s body or skin should be a prison. Accept people for who they are and how they look.

This culture of body-shaming is unrelenting when it comes to big-boned people. Each one has their preferences but should not force them on others.