‘This Is What Was Spotted At Makhadzi’s One Woman Show Which Has Caused A Stir On Social Media

It’s a dream come True for an African Queen Makhadzi on her One Woman Show, it seems like the show was a complete success as huge numbers of people started pouring in from all parts of the Limpopo province n order to show their support for the star. Who has risen out and started from the bottom and it seems like she has managed to get herself some kind of a following and the audience is really inspiring to a lot of people, and it is quite a lot also for someone who is an artist of her calibre so this is definitely a success in the area and for her.

She always had a dream to host a one woman show at her home ground, it seems like her dream has finally come true and it does not only happen for no reason because she’ll be getting a lot of money from the show since it’s a one woman show we can rest assured that most of the term she was on her own.



We know that there was a guest appearance from Doctor Malinga who was basically in a position where he is destitute and needed assistance financially, and that is when Makhadzi considered putting him on so that he can be able to feed his family and pay off the debts that he owes to the South African revenue services.

She first did it in Botswana and now she’s doing it home in Vhembe District Makhuvha Stadium ( Limpopo Province ) with 20 dancers and artists, this is quite impressive by any standard for the artists that are making things happen outside and creating incidences and situations where a lot of people are really entertained by the fight and they’re also looking for a situation where they can get this situation over with.

Eskom had no choice but to temporarily cancel Load shedding schedule In the area in order to allow her to continue with the event, fortunately for the people at the stadium. You can imagine that a lot of people were found there and Eskom couldn’t risk the potential of having blood on their hands due to the possible stamped, that could have been caused if the power was cut.

So whoever was responsible was very smart to see that it will be a very terrible idea to do such a thing as it would cost them many lives, and it would be a terrible negligent action taken on the part of the authorities.