‘This is the bodyguard who died together with DJ Sumbody. See pictures

Meet Sbu. The bodyguard who died with Oupa! May we also send condolences to his family?

His real name was Oupa John Sefoka, and he was born in the 1980s under the alias Dj Sumbody.

He is a musician who hails from Pretoria, South Africa. Before entering the music industry, DJ Sumbody began his career as a volunteer producer and host.

When he discarded his Monat Mpolaye, he gained worldwide recognition. He acquired recognition and followers after the album; it has 4.9 million current views.

DJ Sumbody was shot and killed in a car.

People want the news about Dj Sumnody’s death to be untrue, but regrettably, the information about him being shot in the automobile is accurate.

On November 19, 2022, he was fatally shot; at night, he went somewhere with his two bodyguards.

When it was discovered that he had been shot at night, the inquiry began the next morning.

The surprising aspect is that he was shot while his two bodyguards were in the vehicle with him.

Many people are upset about the news; Twitter was buzzing with the news of Sumbody’s death yesterday.

How is it possible for a person to be shot to death in his automobile with his bodyguard or both bodyguards implicated in the case?

DJ Sumbody’s car, where he was shot. (Image origin: Twitter)

We didn’t have clear information concerning his death until now; the investigation has just started. Hopefully, definitive news of his passing will arrive shortly.






The news and media have attempted to discuss the subject with his family, but they have not yet reached the public.

Everyone is still stunned by the news, and various opinions have been expressed regarding the veracity of the information.

His fans are attempting to comprehend the news; no one instantly believed upon viewing the Twitter news for the first time.

Nonetheless, a few of them have expressed their condolences to his family and friends. Hopefully, the purpose for the shot and the perpetrator will be revealed soon.

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What became of DJ Sumbody?

Dj Sumbody, the artist, is no longer with us; he was shot to death yesterday night when he was traveling to his apartment with two of his bodyguards.

He was found dead on the spot; there was no time to take him to the hospital when the incident happened.

It was a murder case, thus the bodyguards of Sumbody called his family and police first. The reason for his death by gunshot has yet to be revealed.