“This is not working anymore” Arthur Mafokate’s daughter Owami stunned Mzansi with her tummy.

Owami Mafokate is a South African disc jockey, singer, entrepreneur and one of the children of the celebrated kwaito musician Arthur Mafokate. She has worked very hard to make her way up in the music industry and she is now known as one of the most young and talented female DJs in Mzansi.





She started showing interest in being a DJ when she was still in grade 11 and she never gave up on her dreams, she kept pushing until she was noticed. It’s no surprise that this young star is so passionate and talented because both her parents are musicians. In the past few weeks Owami shared a video dancing and a lot of people asked her if whether she is pregnant.

She ended up removing the video, but recently she shared yet another video on Tiktok that left many stunned as she made her tummy to go from flat to looking like a balloon. A lot people took this as a confirmation that the star is really pregnant, her post left many absolutely stunned. Do you think Owami Mafokate is really pregnant or this is just a prank? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don’t forget to hit the share button.