This is Mam’Mkhize before fame vs after Fame

It is very true when they say that, you are ugly or not going not necessary because you look bad, but it is because you are broke and cannot afford to buy luxurious products and clothing to look beautiful. Money really changes the Outlook of a person. Majority of people with money looks cute compared to those who are broke.


Mamkhize is a South African business woman and a tenderpreneur. Estimated net worth is not revealed, but rumours and reports have said that, she is estimated to be worth more than 500 million rands. Mamkhize as a construction company that gets tenders of more than billion of rands.

Mamkhize before spotlight

lSpotlight and Fame have really changed the Outlook of the businesswoman. Shaun Mkhize used to rock designer clothes and luxurious brands, but she had no eye on clothing that fits her well. She used to wear what about while she was still married to her divorced ex husband, Sbu Mpisane.

Majority of people have pointed marriages as a results of her bad wardrobe and bad outlook. Others have said that maybe her husband did not allow her to slay like the way she’s currently doing. Before fame, Mamkhize used to wear like an ordinary person even though she is wearing designer clothes.

Mamkhize after spotlight

HHowever, Since her reality show in 2019, Mamkhize as drastically change and a wardrobe as well looks quite well. Mamkhize also employ a well-known stylist by the name of Shaun the stylist. He is the one who is working tirelessly behind Mamkhize and son looks. It is without a doubt to say that divorce has really changed Mamkhize, She was a private person before but not anymore.

When it comes to the looks, Mamkhize has really changed compared to how she looks before spotlight.

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