“They took my big brother” DJ Lamiez leaves Mzansi emotional as she shares moments with DJ Sumbody

The death of DJ Sumbody impacted a various group in Mzansi, people who were near him and individuals who knew him. His passing came as a shock to different and a various group are trying to perceive that he is really gone. DJ Lamiez Holyworthy is one individuals who have been impacted by DJ Sumbody’s passing.




Lamiez has been granting how she’s battling to settle that her helper, accomplice and family is no broad in this world. Taking to virtual redirection, Lamiez shared a video that left most watchers in their perspectives. She reported a piece of her extraordinary minutes with the late star, which included how they filled together in the business a drawn out timeframe back and how steady they’ve been.

A various group were moved by DJ Lamiez Holyworthy’s new post, leaving a noteworthy bundle of her lovers precious as she alluded to in her post that: “They took my more settled family”. This is truly stunning, we ask that DJ Lamiez Holyworthy sees fixing as she doesn’t require as gleamed on thinking of her as pregnancy. Share your considerations under.