“They say we look alike” Faith Mseleku reveals on a post with Musa Mseleku, leaving many astounded.

Musa Mseleku is considered one of the richest men in Mzansi with four wives. Yes, you are not mistaken. Musa Mseleku has four wives and ten children and is polygamous. Many in Mzansi wouldn’t have heard of him if it weren’t for Mzansi Magic’s reality show popularly known as Uthando Nesthembu.

A lot of people got to know more about him, his four wives as well as some of his children. He is a very influential person and a lot of people have learned so much from him through the incredible show. Now he is even a presenter as well as he has taken part in presenting one of Mzansi’s interesting reality shows.


Whenever his followers sees him with a lady, they start asking questions about him taking a another wife. Faith Mseleku who is his close relative recently shared incredible pictures with him as she mentioned on her caption that “they say we look alike”.

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