“There’s nothing wrong by being fat” Sneziey says after she shared this picture

It is so true when they say ‘positivity always wins’. Have you noticed that the majority of people who usually get bullied are those ones who lack confidence? Yes! A person should always have that invisible crown of confidence on.

Majority of people have that mentality that plus size women must not wear youthful clothes like cropped tops, bum shorts, tighty clothes clothes and all that because they believe they are not meant for them, like seriously? So are they supposed to wear like old women whereas they are way too young to do so? I totally disagree. A person is allowed to wear whatever makes him/ her happy and comfortable without being judged by anybody.

It is with absolutely no doubt that the South African Idols season 15 runner up; Sneziey is one of those people who are confident and courageous. She never allows any negativity to destroy her. She is not embarrassed by her body size, she loves it.

This 28 year-old Umlazi (KZN) born star just shared some pictures of herself beautifully dressed up; in a white mini-mouse T-shirt, pink mini-skirt and white wedged flip-flops with vibrant colours stripes. The caption of the post reads is written in Zulu, so it translated thus: “another great thing for being at home it’s that even your neighbour’s child can be your photographer”.






On the third slide of the post, there is a message picture reads: “Ayikho into eWrong esdudleni”, translated: “there is nothing wrong with a fat person”.

Fans were so impressed by her beauty and confidence, they even left her comments read:

“What a beautiful outfit. You are so beautiful girl”

“There’s indeed nothing wrong by being fat”

“You are so beautiful, and I love your skirt”

“You never disappoint when it comes to slaying”

“Say it again girl, and put it on loud speaker”

Check out some of the comments below: