” There’s nothing educational about this show ” Mzansi Left Upset Again By Gogo Skhotheni

Another cold Saturday night for many South Africans sitting in their homes watching their favourite TV shows, and it includes their favourite TV channel as well. Saturday nights are usually for the reality shows that play. Moja Love is currently one of the most watched television channels in South Africa because of the interesting content that it produces. And because it always offers something different but something they have never seen from reality TV shows, that is what makes people watch it even more. There is now another new program called Gogo Skhotheni. This reality TV show is about the life and journey of a traditional healer.

Traditional healers have been given a lot of reality TV opportunities. This is because ever since people have become open-minded to the idea of traditional healers and wanted to learn more about them, to understand what it means to be a traditional healer. Especially because there are a lot of stereotypes about traditional healers, the programs can now educate and break those stereotypes. But unfortunately, many of these reality TV shows that focus on the lives and journeys of traditional healers have not been as informative as people expected, especially because they focus on creating content that will attract more viewers and not content that actually educates and breaks stereotypes.

Just like the Gogo Skhotheni show, it even left people upset because they thought that it would be different from the rest, but unfortunately it’s not. The show started on a positive note, but as more and more episodes were played, people realized Gogo Skhotheni is not any different from the traditional healers who give healers a bad name. She even went to the extent of marrying two husbands, claiming it is what the ancestors wanted. Last week, viewers were left upset, mentioning they thought the show would be positive and break the negative perception people have about traditional healers.

But it seems like this week it is no different. Viewers are calling for the show not to have a season two because it is not educational and is mocking African spirituality and promoting witchcraft.