“There will be consequences” DJ Zinhle tells AKA’s mother after Kairo wrote on her white door.

Children will always be a menace. No matter how good they look, there’s that curiosity side of them that leads them to cause trouble. It’s funny sometimes and sometimes not. Fathers are generally the ones that find it funny, while mothers go bananas.

DJ Zinhle and AKA are raising a smart little girl when it comes to Kairo. The Forbes princess is always calm and collected. But we know they wouldn’t do it without everyone who’s helping them especially Lynn Forbes and Zama. Kairo holds herself like a princess that is and it is the cutest thing ever.

Just like any child Kairo misbehaves, they rarely show us but she does. Like recently she took a pen and wrote on a white door, “don’t come in.” DJ Zinhle was not pleased, she made sure to tell Lynn that there will be consequences for her. Maybe she just wants privacy in there.