Thembinkosi Lorch On The Spotlight, This Is What Happened Last Night

Now, one thing that cannot be denied is that, soccer star, Thembinkosi Lorch and actress Natasha Thahane really made sense together. There was even a point when the actress insisted that people would never understand what she has with Lorch.

There could be a relationship that is affected, but one thing that can be highlighted in this is if Natasha and Lorch are both together for their newborn baby.

There is a lot that happens in a relationship, we will probably never know about the issues that the couple might have been dealing with.




Natasha has not exactly been the people’s favourite, but after this came out, people kind of understood how she might be feeling.

And as it is, Natasha and Lorch are on the trend lists on social media, as it might have been expected, people are definitely not taking it easy on Lorch.