Thembinkosi Lorch and Natasha Tahane shares pictures from the same background

Thembinkosi Lorch and Natasha Tahane have been exposed on social media, as people have concluded that they are dating, but neither one of them has confirmed it. They have once again posted pictures from the same background but on different days. Natasha is the person who posted first, and it was seen as celebrating Heritage Day.

But as time went by, Lorch posted pictures from the same place with the same background, which may indicate that they were at the same place. But the big question remains: why have they not confirmed it yet and do not want to talk about it? If you want to keep something private, it is really simple. You should not share anything about it on social media, and the public will not have to suspect anything about your life on that particular matter.




It was reported that Lorch has paid Lobola for Natasha, and it was seen from social media posts that she is wearing the traditional attire. When it comes to the traditional garment, you don’t wear it just on a regular day, even though you can. But in most cases, it is about a wedding, a traditional event, or a heritage day. But on the pictures, it was only Natasha who was wearing the cultural attire.

Maybe that could be the reason why he has posted the pictures, and they don’t prove them being partners or that they were getting married on that day. They are having to post pictures on social media, which has been leaving people confused all the time. It is their way to avoid media attention, but people from Twitter are dragging people who are not on the social platform.

If they are married, congratulations, and maybe they will one day decide to share good news. They will not have to walk or be in public together because people will confirm it. As for Natasha, she is waiting for the new season of Blood and Water to premiere, while Thembinkosi is out of the field due to injury.