Thembi Seete’s Baby Daddy Colleen Mashawana Left People Amazed After Doing This For This Family

Mr. Collen Mashawana, widely known as Thembi Seete’s Baby Daddy, was recently pictured with a low-income family. When people started to take notice, the photo quickly became the topic of conversation underneath it.

Mr. Collen Mashawana is well-known not just as a prosperous businessman, but also as a philanthropist who goes out of his way to help the needy by providing them with necessities like food, clothing, and a roof over their heads.




And he’s maintaining his stellar reputation by doing nothing but what’s made him so. Recently, he stumbled across yet another welfare recipient family and made a commitment to raise their living conditions.

He is depicted eating with his family in front of their one-room shack, affectionately dubbed “Zozo,” in the photo below.

Tweeps proceeded to express their respect for him in the comments section, noting that he is a humble man who deserves all of life’s blessings, that his willingness to aid the disadvantaged is excellent, and that the fact that he chose to chat to and dine with this family tells a lot about him.

This is his Twitter page “Mr. Collen Mashawana

@collenmashawane “felt compelled to alert my social media followers to this sight,

on September 25, 2022, at 6:56 PM, and titled it”

By the time I meet her again, she’ll have moved into her new house and launched her water distribution company. I’m excited to see this woman, who had previously given up on the future, start over with optimism.”