Thembi Seete turned into a laughing stock after Mzansi spotted this from his recent Pictures.

South African Thembi Seete is a multi-talented performer who has also dabbled in hosting television shows and modeling. When she first came to prominence, she was a part of the popular kwaito band Blast Shaka. She has landed the role of Gladys in the Mzansi Sorcery telenovela Gomora.

Thembi is far past the age of 40, yet she doesn’t seem a day over 25, which has made her a significant business symbol and a favorite of young socialites. Thembi, like probably many industry huns, can give a story about how she got ahead that entails dating outside of her type for financial advantage.

Due of this, it is often impossible to determine who Thembi is dating or is not dating, making her either an extremely private person or a star with a low profile. She is said to have fathered a son together with a well-known Venda humanitarian named Cullen mashawana; however, Dakalo’s father was publicly disgraced for dating Thembi Seete the day before.




Musa khawula posted a photo of Colleen Mashawana and admitted that he is the father of Thembi’s child, so confirming Mashawana’s paternity. It didn’t take long for the South African people to figure out that this guy isn’t Thembi’s type, and that he’s not very handsome to be dating a celebrity, either.

Collen is currently being mocked by South Africans since they have realized he has a large head and doesn’t attempt to appear well by wearing flashily. In one comment thread, users joked that the man’s head was too enormous for his body, likening him to “pops” from “ordinary show,” while in another thread, users made fun of the fact that he was dressed as if he were attending a social wedding.

Despite the fact that he was born in 1977, South Africans continued to make fun of the poor guy; some people compared him to Dan Dance Malisela because of his enormous head, while others said he looks much older than his real birth year of 1982.