Thembi Seete has left fans astonished with her recent post looking absolutely stunning


Thembi Seete impressed a lot of people during the weekend when she reunited with her former group BoomShaaka, and the group was popular during the late 90s with the different styles that they were bringing into the industry which motivated many artists.

Seete has also shared some of the amazing pictures from that event where she received a warm welcome from her fans and colleagues.


People like Somizi also took pictures with her during the event and it was good to see how people were interacting wth her that day, and it shows that they still love the music that Boomshaka we’re doing during those years.

Seete is also a judge on Idols ‘were she work together with JR and Somizi and they have been doing a good job when it comes to noticing the talent across the country, and now they have started to teach these artists to become better in the future.