Thembi From #DlozLami Teaches People About The Important Of Visiting Home

Thembi from Dloz’Lami have conducted another successful show in the latest episode. In this episode she was reaching people about the ancestors that regards family as important. We meet a lady name Nonhlanhla who grow up without knowing her both her parents, she was raised by her mother’s older sister. She wrote to the show so that she can finds out what happen to her parents.



Thembi, who is the mediator of the show, revealed that there are ancestors that regards family as the important thing although as people we find ourselves conflicting and not trusting each other, that is not the case in the ancestors world. The ancestors were queation the lady about the commotion she is hearing in her family. Apparently her mother is the one who has been protecting her. She said that she gave her job so that she cannot be burdens to the people who raised her. She said that she cannot give her more, her family can start to be jealous and can harm her. Her mother encouraged her to visit home regardless of whether they like her or not. She encouraged her to never abandoned the family that raised her.

Message From Thembi:
Where we coming from is very important no matter how big you are and how rich you are. You must always remember where you come from. Visiting home restore luck, doing good by your home restores luck. Everything you do at home assures you success and consistent lucky. Many people finds themselves having struggle because they don’t visit home. Teach yourself to regularly visit back home no matter your bank balance.