Thembi From #Dlozlami Left Mzansi Talking After She Helped A Family Who Wanted To Do This

Thembi From #Dlozlami Left Mzansi Talking After She Helped A Family Who Wanted To Do This In #DloziLami

Source: Hashtag #Dlozlami Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv latest episode



The #Dlozlami host Thembi Nyathi left her fans talking after she helped a family who have been fighting without knowing the problem. Thembi Nyathi is a South African immediate who helping people to connect their loved once.

It every Tuesday at 9:30 on MojaLoveTv we seen her helping different families who are need of closure and answers. It appears that in every family that Thembi go family are having problems and it all have to do with the ancestors. In every episode Thembi teaches people about the importance of following the rules and guidelines from our ancestors.

In the last episode of #DloziLami Thembi was helping a family who have been fighting over a house. Thembi has teached that the family house should not sold and you cannot buy a family house.

According to Thembi, the wife is sharing her affairs of her and her husband with her daughter. When Thembi was intermediating with the ancestors, which is a grandmother. The ancestors has warned the woman that the name that came up is her daughters and the ancestors are not happy.

Thembi has revealed that the conflict between the couple is about the house. The husband’s mother is the one who is causing the havoc in the house because she does not want her grandchildren to make her home as their home. She want them to have their own home and only come to visit.

Apparently the husband confessed to Thembi saying that he was planning to build his house and left the daughter in the family house. The woman is worried what’s going to happen to her and her kids if he were to died. She was worried that if he died they will not have a place to stay since he does not have his own house.

Thembi has warned the family about the spiritual attack that is in the family. She revealed that the grandmother is angry by their actions and they using their daughter to send the message. She said that if the husband does not follow the instructions their daughter might be attack and the intention is not to kill her but to hurt her.