Thembi From #Dlozlami Left Mzansi Impressed After She Help A Lady That Had Miscarriage In #Dlozlami

Source: Hashtag #Dlozlami Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

Thembisa was assisting a family who was having a surname issue. Thembi was assisting a woman named Pontsho who was not married, was single, and had three children with separate fathers.


The ancestors urge her brother, who goes by the name Moloi, to go and pay lobola on behalf of his grandfather, who passed away without doing so for their grandma. As a reminder that her grandfather did not give her grandmother lobola, the ancestors allegedly gave her the name “Mahadi.”

If this is not done, according to Thembi, nothing will go as planned for them. According to her, there will never be peace in the family, a marriage, or a job for them. Instead, there will always be conflict. In her name, Pontsho has nothing. She lacks a residence that she can genuinely call home. She should speak to her mother in the hereafter when she returns home, according to Thembi.

Pontsho, according to her mother, has the spirit of a grandma. Thembi has disclosed that either she had the pregnancy terminated or had an abortion on her daughter. Without receiving a response in full, the grandma has refused to go. Pontsho’s daughter is being accused of terminating but the grandmother’s daughter refuses to believe it. Thembi claims that a miscarriage might have occurred without her being aware of it. Because of her neglect of her children, the woman has been revealed by Thembi.

Thembi pledged to never utter a statement that was not supported by the ancestors. The woman admitted later that she had been bleeding for two weeks without realizing she was miscarrying. Again, her grandchildren weren’t given lobola; her daughter needed to be washed; she needed to claim the baby. Her daughter, according to the ancestors, is still a little child and has no experience with marriage.