Thembi From #Dlozlami Left Mzansi Happy After She Expose This Lady After She Did This To Her Husband

Thembi From #Dlozlami Left Mzansi Happy After She Expose This Lady After She Did This To Her Husband

Today in #Dlozlami we meet Nomthandazo who is having problems in her marriage and she does not realize that she is the one who is the cause of everything that is happening in her marriage. She write to Thembi because she want to connect with her mother who passed away.





A mother have expose her daughter of not being a good wife and she want her to go back home and get advice on how to handle a household. Today in #Dlozlami we meet ancestors who are fighting with each other.

Apparently couple went to Thembi seeking help but the grandmother expose her grandmother is exposing her of being disrespectful towards her husband. We meet the couples spiritual mother who are here to exposed the lady. Nomthandazo’s mother in-law has warn her that is she does not change her son is going to take another wife. Apparently the lady does not respect her husband and she does not treat her right. Apparently she’s speaking to her husband the way she does. The ancestor both her mother and her mother in-law want her to go back home and get some guidance.

Apparently the lady has grow up in lousy and screaming family. This explain her behavior which she is giving to her husband. The Kady have anger because of how her father have raised her. Problem she is taking out the anger to the wrong person which is her husband.

Apparently when she is angry she tells her husband to pack her backs and leave the house. Apparently her mother is being accused of being the real reason why she break up with her father. Her father has exposed her mother of being the reason why he got ill. Apparently her mother was dating different mens and she brings diseases to her father. Nomthandazo’s father has exposed her mother and her family of being the reason why her mother made the wrong decision.

Apparently Nomthandazo was paid lobola without involving her father’s side. Her father is angry because his family were not told and they did not eat the lobola money. The elders did not advice her and reprimanded her after paying lobola to her.

Her husband’s mother seems her son perfect she is saying that Nomthandazo is lucky to have her son. She also have a problem that she’s shouting at her kids as if they are dogs. She advice her daughter in law to be calm and to respect her husband.