Thembi From #DlozLami Left Her Fans Happy After He Helped This Man In #DlozLami

Thembi From #DlozLami Left Her Fans Happy After He Helped This Man In #DlozLami

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“AmaDlozi (ancestors) are not there to be worshiped but to be acknowledged. “God is still in charge. Before anything put God first then the rest follow.” – Thembi




“Trying to find ways to support his life” doesn’t mean when people communicate with their ancestors, they are witches- Thembi

Today episode of #DlozLami we meet Solly who think everything he do seems to not add up while other people are succeeding. He thinks his grandfather could be causing the stagnation in his life. It might happens to have your life stuck, nothing hurts like life not going forward and all rely on the Ancestors.

Everything seems to be stagnant in him and he want Thembi to makes him understand what truly happened between his parents before they died. His father is trying by all means to make him understand why he was away when he was growing up. He explained that his uncle who is his mother’s brother is the one who chased him away and promised to kill him.

His mother is angry because his father didn’t fulfill his promises and that makes his late mother an angry ancestor. Sometimes woman makes decisions out of anger just to hurt the baby daddy. His father made a promise to his mother but fail to keep the promise.

His father has always been there for him but the mother is the one who kept him away because everything was done accordingly. The problem was the mother side family who were making it hard for him to see his son.

All he wanted was peace and light, he got all of them. The dad says “don’t want me because of desperation”. Thembi gives him the clarity and closure he needs. One thing about Thembi she will reveal some dark secrets about your life.

He has always been accusing his uncle of being a witch. Sometimes there are no witches, it’s just his ancestors trying to reach to him. He is stopping his own progress by accusing his uncle of witchcraft