Thembi from Dlozlami accuses her mother-In-law of poisoning her husband mind

A troubled woman, Nomutandazo refused to blame everything that went wrong in her marriage.

Her mother-in-law accuses her of being a bad wife and urges her to go home and get advice from her parents on how to run her family.

The couple reportedly turned to Thembi for help, but her grandmother accused her of disrespecting her husband. We meet the couple’s spiritual mother who comes to expose the woman.




Nomthandazo’s mother-in-law warned her that if she didn’t change, her son would find her a new wife. A woman does not respect her spouse and seems to treat him badly. She seems to be telling her husband so. Her mother and her mother-in-law want her to return to her home and find her way out.

The woman apparently grew up in a miserable, screaming household. This explains her behavior and how she presents herself to her husband. Kady is upset with the way her father raised her. Her problem is that she is her husband who vented her anger.

She is reportedly instructing her husband to pack her things and leave her home. Her mother seems to be blamed for her breakup with her father. Her mother blamed her father for his illness. Her mother had multiple relationships and apparently infected her father. Nomtandazo’s father blames her mother and her family for her mother’s errors of judgment.

Nomtandazo apparently got Lobola without consulting her father’s side. Her father is angry that he didn’t inform her family and that her family didn’t use Robola’s money. After her robola was given to her, her elders gave her no advice and chastised her. Nomthandazo is lucky to have a son, says her husband’s mother. She also has a problem with yelling at her children and treating them like dogs. She advised her daughter-in-law to keep her composure and respect her husband.

source: lerato/status/1574846308950704133?t=AdcCwzRtkTwv nPCOzuwVQ&s=19