Thembi From #DloziLami Left Mzansi Impressed After She Helped This Girl In #DloziLami

Thembi From #DloziLami Left Mzansi Impressed After She Helped This Girl In #DloziLami

Source: Hashtag #Dlozlami twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

Thembi meet young lady named Mantwa. The ancestor is complaining that Mantwa have a problem when he child visit her in the grave yard. Apparently the Mantwa is saying that her child is having a problem with sleeping since in 2013. She is saying that the child can sleep for 3 to 5 days without waking up. Apparently the after goes to sleep every years around March and April.

Mantwa wish to connect with her grandmother. Apparently the grandmother is saying that is not the one who is causing this problem. Thembu has picked up a man named Jeremiah’s mother, Gogo Dlamini who is the cause of this problem. Apparently the grandmother is taking the child from the physical world to spiritual words. She said that she can take her for 5 days out of 365 days. The grandmother dies on 2 September 2012.

Apparently when the grandmother does she was not fine. The child said that she collapsed at the funeral where she saw her her calling her. Thembi revealed that the child used to visit her grandmother while she was still alive and now she stopped visiting her graveyards.

Thembi said that while she’s sleeping people around her are being hurt as they got worried what she’s eating while she’s sleeping.





Apparently what the child is going through its not normal. The doctors can diagnose her with false disease. The grandmother ask Thembi not to chase her away. She said that there is no sangoma or no pastor that can get rid of her. She said that there is nothing that the people can stop her from doing what she’s doing. She asked the mother to borrow her for 5 days just to be with her.

The grandmother has blamed the family for not asking her what she can do to ask her to stop what she is doing. She said that the need to give her some dressed so that when she visit her they know where she is going. She saying that the family does not dressed her when she visits her in spirit. Apparently she is saying that she need to be dressed so that they can identified that she is still alive.

The grandmother have given the child bracelet to put in her hand and neck to appear inside water. She said that she need to activate her pillow ancestral. Thembi has given the mother instructions to check the child whether is still alive by calling her phone by lighting a candle. Thembi told the lady to have a clear conversation instead of dictating her.

She warn them not to tears the bracelets because it will made her angry. The grandmother said that what she’s doing will not affect the child from her education. Thembi revealed that the ancestors does not denied the child from going to school. She said that they love education.