Thembi From #DloziLami Left Her Fans Happy After She Helped This Woman In #DloziLami

Thembi From #DloziLami Left Her Fans Happy After She Helped This Woman In #DloziLami


Source: Hashtag #Dlozlami twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157




Thembi Nyathi is in Mabopane to help a lady whondies not know what happen between herself and the other siblings. Woman who identified herself as Violent trust that Thembi will help her to connect with her parents and tell them what really happens after their death.

Thembi Nyathi has never disappeared Her Fans when it comes to helping people to connect with their ancestors. The ancestors are never happy, they always wants revenge. Someone is always being accused of being a witch, and because it’s #Dlozlami it’s probably true.

The death of their parent reveals the cracks in the family, relationships either fall apart or are strengthened by the loss. Her brother got married to a wrong family and inherited their bad vibes. It proves that the parents were their pillars in their life’s. Today’s episode Thembi helped the siblings who think that they are pointing each others with fingers. Violet has a good heart. All she wants was to build a relationship with her siblings.

The family like going around d and consult because they will tell you hints which does not exist. Violent is being accused of killing people. Violent husband went back home to see his family for a years and she was left at home. After he was gone for a years she Field a divorce and only heard later that her husband has died. Her husbands family are saying that she has hand in killing of her husband

Her husband was womanizer who always get intimacy with protection. The lady is police officer and she found her husband in bed who another girl. Men never die natural death after getting married, it’s always the wife that’s the cause of death. The family accused her of killing their child because she won everything during their divorce. The husband wasn’t even actively paying for things.

With the help that she received from Thembi, people hope and believes the family of her husband should be watching this episode.