“Themba is still playing the game, he’s there for the money” Haters declare on TT

“Themba is still playing the game, he’s there for the money” Haters declare on TT

While you’re here, please follow me.

So many people still cannot fathom that Big Brother Mzansi’s Mpho and Themba are actually together!

I was also a bit taken aback by their relationship but quickly remembered their chemistry on weekends in Biggie’s house!




Now, the two have publicly come out as being together and not a lot of people are convinced. Some are of the view that the relationship is very much fake and that Themba doesn’t really love Mpho and is only there to bankrupt her and break her heart!

The weirdest thing is that the energy that is used to analyse people’s relationships and the authenticity of their love, is not used in the commenter’s lives!

If we were so invested in our own love lives, we’d be able to tell a heartbreaker the moment we start talking to them. But no, we turn a blind eye at our own affairs and only pay attention to other people’s lives.

Themba was interested in Mpho in the house. As much as we did not expect that the two have a full blown relationship after Biggie’s house, it is rather unreasonable to assume that he’s only there for her money.

When Themba didn’t win Big Brother Mzansi, Ghostnation came together to raise funds for him and his career is blossoming. I don’t think he’d be drawn by a mere R2 million.

Again, Mpho is a traditional healer. If her ancestors smelt something fishy about the relationship, she wouldn’t be physically allowed to be in a relationship with him. So, the mere fact that the two are together, means that she got a go-ahead from her ancestors.

This is not to say that the relationship will DEFINITELY end at the alter, but even if it doesn’t, the two are clearly in love and should be given a chance to enjoy their relationship without the unnecessary and mean comments.