Themba From #Dlozilam Left People Happy After She Spotted Something In The Yard In #DlozLami. WATCH

Mbali wrote to Sis Thembi Nyathi tonight on #DlozLami, asking for closure on her father’s death, after she had been experiencing nightmares and visions about him for months. She believes that there are still unsolved difficulties between the two of them. She states that she would prefer to make up with her father before having a kid of her own, if at all possible.

Her father’s soul has taken up residence on the streets. He is an abandoned location that manifested itself in the guise of a young guy standing on the ground. Mbali’s mother was abandoned by her father, who went on to marry another woman. He selected the step mother at a joyous period, and now his soul is whirling about since he does not have a place to call home. He wants to return to her after she had married someone else. While still alive, the father used to bounce off them, and now he want to return in the form of a ghost.

Due to the fact that there was no marriage and that he was disrespectful to the family when living, Mbali’s grandmother has refused to allow his soul to rest in peace. After causing so much anguish to the family, this man’s ghost is now forced to reside in the yard of the baby’s grandmother. Now, as a ghost, he can experience what his mother felt when he was playing with them while he was alive.




This individual approached the situation from a position of authority. People believe that after they die, the suffering they have caused people they have injured while they were living will be erased from their memories. Mara, this practice of asking for things from our ancestors when we fail to care for the things they left behind is completely inappropriate. I understand Gogo’s dissatisfaction.

Gogo is exhausted from defending a slew of relatives who want to claim their grandkids and great grandchildren since there have been no damages or lobola done. Gogo isn’t even content with being an ancestor; she’s already establishing limits for the kid before he or she is even born.

After viewing the condition of the house where they used to dwell, Gogo is quite disappointed with her daughter and granddaughter. Sis Thembi wanted to show the viewers around her home, but Gogo told her that they were not allowed to ask her any questions about it. Because they did not properly care for her belongings.

In the yard there would be a snake since the yard looks like a dumping site, to put it mildly. I don’t hold it against the gogo for being enraged. Grandparents do not like it when their belongings are not treated with care. It would have been better if Thembi Nyathi had showed them precisely where the snake was hiding in that yard; it would have been frightening to live with such a beast.