Themba from Big Brother Mzansi with his beautiful fans at the mall

They are very happy yo finally meet him in person

Themba from Big Brother Mzansi was at the mall yesterday when he was spotted by his fans. His fans were very excited to take pictures with him and sharing warm hugs. Themba is an amazing person and people love him so much.



He used to inspire them so much that is why they were very excited to meet him. They also love his music, Themba really knows how to interact with his fans. His fans always tells him that they cannot wait to meet him in person, and finally did.

Themba can see that now he is a real celebrity, people become very much happy when they see him. It is also a good thing that Themba does give an attention that they need, he loves people and to interact with them. there is so much to learn from him.