Themba Broly posts affectionate photos of himself and girlfriend MphoWaBaDimo

Big Brother Mzansi couples of 2022 is quite an interesting topic. It started off at something we may as well have forgotten about and quickly became quite relevant. Terry and Vyno started off hot and heavy and fizzled after the house. Thato and Gash1 started late and are still going.

However no one could have predicted Mphowabadimo and Themba.




The two started their relationship immediately upon leaving the house. This could have been seen as controversial as she was in a “almost” thing with Libo Njomba whose friends with Themba. But instead it seems no one has a problem with it. They’re been flaunting their love and it’s been quite adorable.

The love struck “Uyangifaka” singer took to his Instagram to post the cutest photos of himself with his girlfriend Mphowabadimo looking so in love! They clearly have decided to not care what people think and it shows. They post each other constantly and are supportive of one another.