Their wedding ceremony was inspired by Black Panther. Check all 4 pictures

The wedding ceremony is being inspired and influenced by the Black Panther movie. The movie was in theaters yesterday, and many went to their favorite or nearby cinemas to watch it before it was released on other platforms. Some people are waiting to download or watch it online. The Black Panther has become something that has a positive influence on people’s daily lives.

Many people were left with heavy hearts when it was announced the person who was the King of Wakanda had died, and they have been sharing their memories and contributions on social media. People love it because it has brought Africa and the world together with various cultures in one movie. The traditional attires in the movie are made differently with another combination of designs, and that is why the couple found it amazing to have one of them on their wedding day.




Even when looking at the reception of their ceremony, it comes from the movie, and they are surely super fans of the movie. When something or someone has influence, it will get brought to a lot of people. Look at how Cristiano Ronaldo is having a huge influence. He came up with a different celebration, and more people have done it, including individuals from various sports.

What has been happening in Africa is that when people get married, they prefer to celebrate without their own culture, which is wonderful. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a white wedding, but the cultural one is also important, and you will not forget where you are from. That is why, on Heritage Day, people wear their cultural attire.

South Africa is different because it has a lot of cultures within the entire country. Makhadzi wore all cultural attire because she appreciated them all. The wedding ceremony was beautiful, especially having to celebrate with Wakanda.