The Zwide daughter makes an exit on the Etv most watched soapie

This week a significant secret about who Zanele’s father is will be acknowledged. This paths behind she expects to move to London. Regardless, the secret about her certifiable father will send shock waves down her spine and she won’t take the news well to be sure.

This will make her need to move to London more. Does this mean practically guaranteed disaster for the completion of her movement on House of Zwide?. Resulting to hearing the news she falls into Sandile’s bed and they later agree to be in a huge distance relationship.

She will sort out that her authentic father isn’t the rich Funani Zwide however rather old surrendered gangsta Isaac Molapo. Molefe flaws Soka for sabotaging his game plan and Soka forgets to accommodate with him. David necessities to visit the House of Zwide and Laz should pick the choice to recognize.

Molefe is culpability impacted and he fights, altogether more, when he no longer has Soka to incite him. Laz obstacles Pearl into her plan yet it fizzles.

Mampho’s dream finally comes truewhileFunani acquires a dazzling secret aboutLazthatshe’s kept from him for quite a while. Ntombi endeavors to convince David to let sleeping dogs lie anyway he begins to recognize there’s more happening behind the scenes. Isaac decides to mediate in Molefe’s disaster area.

The Zwide kinfolk grapple with Mampho moving in while David makes a problematic sales that leaves Laz in an incomprehensible position.