The truth on popular radio presenter who is SUSPENDED

If you have been wondering what is happening to the popular and most loved radio presenter, Felix Hlophe as it’s been weeks he is not on air, then you are about to know the truth.

It is without a doubt that Felix Hlophe,who is a breakfast show presenter on Kwa Zulu Natal’s leading regional commercial radio, Gagasi FM, is most loved by listeners. He has that charisma which draws listeners to radio. Hlophe is very creative and able to come up with features that attracts a listener.




In a competitive radio, Felix has managed rise above and keep his show on top. However, in the past few weeks he has not been heard on radio and that brought his fans to worry. They have been asking themselves what is happening to him.

However, in his social media pages, Felix revealed that there could have been some issues he encountered with Gagasi which he is not happy about but for the sake of income, he has to stay.

On Monday, Isolezwe published an article stating that a source informed them about reason why Hlophe was not on air. According to this source, Hlophe was suspended for arriving late in his show.

Apparently, he did not take it well that he will not be controlling the desk due to his late coming. Hlophe is hosting this show with Njabs Zwane who is currently hosting the show while he’s on leave.

Gagasi FM spokesperson, Khulekani Shandu confirmed that Felix has been suspended and will return on radio next month but he did not reveal the cause. Shandu reiterated that Hlophe will still be the host.

Felix took to his Facebook page and posted a message directed to Isolezwe who published the article and dismissed their story that he was suspended because of late coming. Felix even said they should check his live videos, they will see he was always early and on time.