“The show must go on” Mzansi defends Jubjub against BCCSA not entertaining Uyajola9/9

Will the show be canceled anytime soon?

Jubjub always make sure that he does not disappoint his fans when it comes to his show Uyajola9/9. He can even take as far as showing other people’s private parts just for his show to trend on social media.

It has been reported that the BCCSA will not entertain what Jubjub is doing with his show on television. Most of the fans are saying that the show must go on, and if someone does not wnat to watch it they must switch off their television.



The broadcasting corporation is not being fair because the show is rated not for the people under the age of 18, people should watch their children and what shows they watch. Jubjub may have invaded other people’s privacy but it can be fixed by asking him to apologize to them. The show is entertaining but they need to fix here and there.

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