The River| People’s reactions on Twitter after the last episode, see details


The river has become the best drama in Mzanzi we’re viewers had to learn about the deepest secrets that are causing havoc in the mining industry which has caused many people to lose their lives, because of the greed that Lindiwe has for money as she betrays those who are closer to her.

But this time she has done a terrible mistake in her life where she has cheated on her husband with Mqobi, and this has got Zwile angry because he never thought that Lindiwe can do this to him after long years showed loyalty to their marriage that has started to sink.





But Lindiwe is trying so hard to make sure that Zweli forgives her for the mistake that she has done, which seems difficult for them to solve because Zweli is still angry with her after hearing the truth about his cheating wife’s confession which has shocked many people in the family.

This is the first time Lindiwe cheats on Zweli and it’s impossible for a man like that too. accept this issue, because of the pride that he has and the career that it’s at stake because people will start to undermine humidly they discovered the truth about the problem. on this family.

Will Zweli change his mind because they are the best couple in town and it’s impossible for them to separate after they have solved many problems that they had before, and this one needs to be taken off before it causes more harm to their children?