The Reason Why People Are Unhappy With Syacela Dlamuka: Opinion

Most of us know Syacela from Moja Love 157,Isencane Lengane. Syacela Dlamuka is married to Thando Msomi sometimes referred to Thabethe,her father’s surname.

The reason why people are unhappy with Syacela is because of the disrespect he has towards other people. Syacela does not respect anyone,let alone his wife or his family.


Syacela Dlamuka hasn’t reached 25 but he is already pushing so many people away,he cannot talk or reason with other people. It’s his way or no way.

Now that he has lost his father, hopefully he will see the world in a different light. Perhaps he will finally realize that he is not almighty.

What I have learned since I started watching Isencane Lengane is that, respect is very important, respecting elders is very important no matter how wrong they may be. However being a child and obeying adults is the way forward,for inner peace.

This is the reason why people are unhappy with Syacela and hopefully he changes his attitude soon before he pushes everyone who loves him and who is trying to help him away.