The reason Warren Masemola would never grow hair.

Warren Masemola is one of the most talented actor to ever come out of SA. Though a lot of people do not give this fellow thespian his flowers, he continues delivering great work in the film industry. He acted as gay on the SABC 1 comedy show Ses Top’La and on the river as a thug. Warren fits perfectly into any given character.







Though Warren is thriving as an actor, behind the cameras he has been through a lot. The reason why you will never see him with hair is because he suffers from Alopecia, a cancer where one losses his hair from the head or all over the body. Warren found out when he was six years old about his condition and he had accepted that he would never grow hair. Another celebrity that suffers from the same condition is Jada Smith.

You remember that hot slap that Chris Rock got from Jada’s husband, Will Smith, after making a joke about Alopecia. Well, in an interview with Somize Warren approved of Will’s actions, saying that people don’t know what Jada is actually going through and stating that alopecia is not funny. Warren was the only one who understood what Jada was going through, since Jada started losing hair too