The real-life age difference between Skeem Saam’s Pretty and Lehasa

Skeem Saam has been making headlines of late and Mzansi is more than excited and impressed with Lehasa and Pretty’s love rekindle storyline. However, Mzansi has been curious about Lehasa and Pretty’s real-life age difference. Shockingly, the two have a considerable age difference. Cedric Fourie, who plays Lehasa, was born on the 17th of March 1990; as of 2022, the actor is 32.






Lehasa and Pretty have an age difference of nine years. Lerato Marabe, who portrays Pretty was born on the 28th of June 1999; the actress is 23. Lerato was on top trends recently after her actual age was revealed. She is a phenomenal actress who can play any role she is given to portray perfectly, leaving Mzansi thinking she was old but alas she is younger than we all thought.

Lehasa and Pretty
Lehasa and Pretty; Image source @Instagram
Skeem Saam couple Pretty and Lehasa’s real-life age difference
The current storyline Skeem Saam is currently centred on Pretty and Lehasa’s love life with Khwezi in the equation. The two rekindled their romance and have been trying to make things work despite all odds. Pretty’s family is against their relationship, but Pretty chooses Lehasa over her family and is willing to do anything to make things work. However, the unexpected happened after choosing whom she thought was the love of her life.