The Real Housewives of Durban star Londie London caused a jaw dropping moment in a stunning outfit

Durban she is keeping us glued to our phones as she is taking over social media looking absolutely stunning in designer brands.

Londie London doesn’t cease to amaze and mesmerize with her brilliance , she is a fashionista who se taste in fashion is breathtakingly decadent.

She rocks opulent and sophisticated apparel and her sense of style is impeccable.




Londie London is now a household name in show business , she is a hard-working woman who is a jack of all trades and a very creative individual who is reinventing her resume.

She is a platinum record selling artist known in the Afro pop genre , she is also a model , occasional actress and a very successful business woman.

She has her very own recording label , jewelery store , clothing line and she is one of the super stars utilizing her influence and fame to advance her businesses for profit maximisation.

In a recent lnstagram post dressed in a stunning silky white shirt , a red fur coat , a pair of black leather pants and a pair of black high heels.

Londie made a killer fashion statement in the trailblazing winter outfit .

Londie is all about the latest fashion trends , she knows how to stay relevant in terms of fashion and she definitely keeps up appearances.

Londie is a woman who has pretty much done it all in media and entertainment and she continues to showcase her flexibility , creativity and versatility.

She is a beacon of excellency in show business as one of the pioneer woman who are known for their remarkably sophisticated elegance.

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