The Real Housewives Of Cape Town Are Here, This Was Noticed, See Details

Now, it seems like there is no taking a break for the viewers who just wrapped off a season of The Real Housewives Of Durban, there will not be an opportunity to binge watch the season because The Real Housewives Of Cape Town will be entertaining us.

The viewers finally saw the faces of the cast, the six ladies will be introducing us to their fancy lifestyles.

It seems like this is going to be an interesting season, but some people are not that convinced, as soon as people saw the cast of the reality show, they had something to say.


The comments were mostly about how the members do not look like the real housewives, people mentioned that there must be a mistake of some sort because the ladies do not even look like they are rich.

There are people who were hoping that they would see, at least one white lady there, but unfortunately, there was no white lady and the reactions were actually expected.

People do not even know the cast or how interesting their lives are and they already assume that this season is going to be boring.

And the show has not even started yet, we would have to wait and see what happens because there is a possibility that we will be disappointed with the cast.

One thing that is easy to notice is that, people are waiting in anticipation, they actually want to watch the show.

And that is one they will have a reason to critic, but for now, the word has to be out there, this could be the best news for reality show lovers.

Now, people hoped that they would get more information regarding this season because it seems like it is going to be interesting.

The cast looked lively, and that is pretty much all that we know for now, some people mentioned that they knew some of the cast members.

But a lot of people did not and this is why some people asked if the cast members were really housewives.

When it comes to when the show will air, it is not clear for now, but if we got to see the cast, then this should mean that we will be informed soon enough.

There is one thing that was revealed on the comments section, if people thought the housewives were far from being rich, then they should think again.

Apparently, some of the housewives were shopping for expensive houses and farms and this should probably gives us an idea of what we should expect.