The Ranaka sisters reveal they were not talking for a year

Although the Ranaka sisters; Dineo, Mpumi and Manaka often appear to be a united force and unshaken, they have admitted to dealing with their issues as siblings. “We fight and we are not pretentious towards one another,”says Mpumi, adding that, ?This year has tested our bond.”Manaka and Mpumi reveal that as the three sisters they were not on speaking terms for a full year until recently due to a major fallout. “It would have been sad for me to get married, which is something that is happening soon without my sisters being there. So, I am happy that we have reunited,” Mpumi says. Without going too much into detail Manaka says when they were asked to be guests of the Festive Get-Together in the Life Artois, she became reluctant thinking that maybe they knew something about the fallout. “Firstly, I asked myself, why they would want the three of us; myself, Mpumi and Dineo? What do they know? Do they know besingakhulimisani? (Did they know that we were not on speaking terms) We didn’t know we would go through some healing process that we didn’t ask for,” she admits.






The sisters are happy about being reunited, thanks to their father’s 80th birthday lunch. ” We have just started talking slightly after a year of not speaking because of our dad,” Manaka says. “God works in mysterious ways. We were not talking when my dad turned 80. We arrived, ate and at the end of the birthday lunch, we were talking. We didn’t even bicker, as one would expect. At the end of that evening, everyone was in tears, we were talking and bonding . Yes, there are some unresolved issues, but we love each other, after all, we are siblings.”DEFENDING FAMILY

Not long ago, Manaka defended her sister Dineo from social media trolls who attacked her when she had a mental breakdown and had just been fired from Kaya 959. “I will defend my sister even If we are not talking,” she says. “Luckily at the time, we had just started speaking.” At the time of the interview, Dineo was living her best life in Miami with her Podcast and Chill family, where she is currently employed. The sisters say it’s tough being in the limelight and still dealing with personal issues. “We were not talking and I won’t elaborate as to why. This was so huge for us. But the way it worked itself out is important to me,” Manaka concludes.