The Qwabe twins leave their fans wow with last photo .

Life is better when you have a double to do it with. People who have twins are blessed because they have someone to spend the rest of their lives with. We always appreciate our siblings and how life is easier with them, it is more easier with a twin.

Only few people are fortunate to be blessed with someone who looks like them. Because you know you have a best friend for life. The Qwabe twins come a long way in the industry. The started off from Idols and now they are amongst the best vocalists in the country. Their journey in Idols paved way for their success.


The twins don’t care how old they are, they still love dressing up the same. Which is something that twins love. They shared banging pictures of themselves in black skirts and colorful jackets. Their fans couldn’t stop gushing over them. They are working the look so well.