The Qwabe twins leave their fans astonished with their stunning picture.

Being a celebrity means having to do things that maybe you are not even comfortable with. But have to do them because you are a public figure. You can’t go out in public looking like a homeless person. You always have to be presentable at all times.

The Qwabe twins are one of the most amazing vocalists in Mzansi. They paved a huge way for themselves in music industry with the help of Afrotainment owed by DJ Tira. Now they are making a killing with their music. Mzansi has been obsessed with their fashion and makeup. Which they got it wrong in the beginning.





But lately they’ve been killing it. The recent stylist and makeup artist is doing a stellar job. They shared their recent pictures and we were left in awe. They look incredibly beautiful. Their fans couldn’t stop gushing over them. This is the content we signed up for.