The Queen | We are sorry our son raped your daughter, here’s a goat

In an “effort” to make amends for the crime their son committed, Thabiso’s family came over to the Mabuza household and offered to pay a fine, in the form of a goat, as a token of their “remorse”.

Fans of the Mzansi Magic drama just couldn’t believe that Thabiso’s uncle had gone ahead and offered Gracious a goat for “any damages” her daughter says their son has done to her.

A whole goat? Couldn’t they go for a cow? Anyway, how much money or animals will make Thabiso’s rape okay?

For viewers the only real question is, does Goodness want her rapist dead or arrested?

They don’t care much for apologies or excuses made in the guy’s name, they are just ready for some action to be taken.

They took to social media to share their thoughts on the drama and came armed with the right memes.