The Queen Introduces A New Deadly Jama Family, And Schumacher Is Now Dealing Drugs


Watch! The Queen introduces a new deadly Jama family, and Schumacher is now dealing drugs

The Highlights have been released, and they will soon be all over our screens.

At the same time as we are saying our final farewells to the Sebata family, a new family is embarking on their journey aboard The Queen, and secrets are already beginning to be hidden.

On Friday, we were told of a guy called Douglas Jama, who attended Hector’s funeral with a firearm while accompanied by his stunningly gorgeous wife. The character of Londiwe Jama is portrayed by Sthandiwe Nkosi.

These two produced such a disturbance, and the viewers were left with their jaws on the ground; nevertheless, what occurred after that is even more astounding.

When Douglas suddenly had a heart attack, he and his wife were having an intimate moment in bed just before he collapsed.

As one of the highlights of this week, Londiwe has come. The police enter Douglas’s home, and their statements are in total contrast to what we observed on the previous day.

Londiwe, the young wife, is informed by the police that Douglas and his bodyguards have both passed away. Londiwe is shown clutching a gun, which indicates that she planned a shooting, murdered all of Jama’s bodyguards, and then pretended to be astonished when the police informed her of what had happened. If she is lying to us, we are aware that this will provide a number of challenges for us.

When considering the brand-new highlights of this week, a few things stand out. Because of Londiwe, Jama’s two boys are always at each other’s throats. Ayihlome Mbulelo Katise plays, Tiisetso Thoka, and Duma are all new characters in this play.



Ayihlome doesn’t trust Londiwe for anything and thinks that she was somehow involved in the killing of his father, but Duma won’t listen to him about it.

Ayihlome is determined to get Londiwe out of the house, and she is relying on Duma for protection.

Even now, Harriet is endeavoring to make amends with Brutus. After the carnage that occurred at the engagement party, these two finally got a chance to sit down and have a meaningful conversation on Friday.

They had at least reached an agreement not to kill each other.

In the meantime, Goodness and O’lorato put two and two together and came to the conclusion that the reason Harriet isn’t mourning Hector’s death is because she was the one who killed him.

O’lorato goes to great lengths in an effort to take care of her aunt and regain control of the situation, but her efforts are ultimately unsuccessful.

As a means of making payment to TK, Schumacher chooses to deal cocaine instead. This week, he will be unsuccessful in his efforts to have TK arrested, which will set him on a perilous road that will put his life in an even greater risk than it already was.

This week has a lot going on, and you won’t want to miss out on any of it. Watch The Queen every night at 21:00 on Mzansi Magic.