The Queen actress Nomsa Buthelezi ‘Majali’s age and real life story gets Mzansi talking

Nomsa Buthelezi plays the role of Majali in The Queen, a Mzansi Magic Telenovela. She resembles a rural elderly Zulu woman who is married to drug dealer Brutus ‘Themba Ndaba’, who is 57 years old. Majali came to Johannesburg from the rural areas with her four sons, whom she had raised alone while Brutus was away. She does not understand the life and the speed of events in Egoli. Nomsa nails the role that portrays her age to be around 55 years to match Ndaba’s.

In real life, Nomsa is not as old as Majali either is she out of touch with the Johannesburg fast lifestyle. Her ability to nail roles entirely different from her personal life justifies her success on the screen. Nomsa won the Best Supporting Actress at The South African Film and Television Awards in 2019. Let us get to know Nomsa Buthelezi better.

Majali and Brutus




Nomsa Buthelezi is younger than she looks in The Queen

The celebrated actress is popular for her bubbly character in The Queen. She brings lighter moments to a Khoza family full of hate, revenge, and drug lords. She is that old and gluing mother that keeps her sons together. In real life, Nomsa is only forty years of age. She celebrated her birthday on the 7th of this month.

Nomsa Buthelezi in real life

She was married to her late lover Unathi Ndondzwana, and they had two children, Olwethu and Lindi. She went public about her sexuality as and married longtime lover Zandile Shezi. Social media blasted her for her choice, but together with Zandile, they prevailed.

Nomsa Buthelezi

Nomsa identifies herself as a giver. Speaking to Drum, she said she is learning about managing financials following complex challenges actors faced during the lockdown. She also reckons how her giving backfired when people neglected her after she went broke. The comedian is now focused and committed to establishing her own business outside acting.