The Queen actor Themba Ndaba’s gets people talking


Themba Ndaba is a celebrated South African actor who plays the character of Uncle Brutus on Mzansi Magic’s drama series The Queen. He stars alongside a star-studded cast, including Connie Ferguson, who plays Harriet Khoza and Sk Khoza as Shaka Khoza.

His illustrious career spans decades, and he has managed to become an industry heavyweight. In the mix of things, his character as Brutus has been celebrated in Mzansi and beyond. On-screen, Themba is best known for his kindness and quirkiness in all he does.

In Pictures: The Queen actor Themba Ndaba's 'Uncle Brutus' age gets Mzansi talking

No doubt we can agree he is that fav Mzansi Uncle we all hate to love. He has managed to keep his private life under wraps in recent years after his secret life cost his career.


A few years ago, he made all sorts of headlines when he divorced the former Generations: The Legacy actress Sophie Ndaba, who then tied the knot with Max Lichaba.

The Queen actor Themba Ndaba 'Uncle Brutus' (Source Instagram)

In the mix of things, his age has got Mzansi talking. It comes as a shocker to many that the actor happens to be 56-years-old. He is fit as a fiddle, given the roles and energy he gives to his on-screen characters. The seasoned actor was born on 14 February 1965 in Soweto, South Africa.

However, his nationality has sparked several debates whether the actor is Zimbabwean or South African. Well, it happens that Ndaba was born in South Africa but was enrolled at Zimbabwean schools. He enrolled at school in 1970, and in 1982 he matriculated at St Mark’s High School.

From there, he pursued Economics and Statistics. A few years later, he graduated with a Diploma in Business Studies from Harare Polytechnic.

Before his thrust into the limelight, he was once a banker in Zimbabwe. His craze for acting saw him participating in theatre arts. Years later, he was the next big thing Mzansi was waiting for small screens.

He made a mark in the advertising world from theatre and was behind the famous award-winning Vutha advert. His unmatched talent made him the advertising darling, which later propelled him to small screens. He made his debut on soapies with a gig on Soul City.

However, in the wake of his exit, he managed to secure gigs on Zone 14 and Hopeville. Since then, he has been featured in several movies and drama series. He capped his illustrious career with several awards, including the precious Golden Horn Award and the International Emmy Award.